Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Imported toxic Chinese drywall mystery

Chinese Toxic Drywall Classes to Begin.
Everything you wanted to know about the imported Chinese toxic drywall will be taught in a class at Lakeland Association of Realtors, on September 23rd. Watch for more details.
There has been found in Florida and eighteen other states, health problems and toxic gasses being emitted by imported drywall manufactured in China, causing health problems.
What happens if you find the toxic drywall in your home?
How do you know if you actually have drywall that may be causing you illness?
How dangerous is toxic drywall gasses?
Who is responsible for fixing the toxic drywall problem in your home?
Can the toxic drywall problem be fixed?
Will the Chinese Toxic drywall problem render my home unlivable?
Is Toxic drywall Radioactive?
Here is your chance to get these questions answered and learn more about this toxic drywall problem...

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