Friday, August 21, 2009

Ask Questions about Toxic Drywall

Do you have questions about Chinese Drywall?
What do you know about Chinese drywall?
Do you as a Realtor® have a fiduciary responsibility to your clients to know and disclose it?
During the construction “boom” of 2004 through 2007, a shortage of building materials ensued due to catastrophic damages caused by nine hurricanes within those years, wall board or drywall among other building materials were imported from China.
Health problems began to surface and continue to be reported in addition to gases and the corrosive nature of the Chinese toxic drywall that was evidently manufactured using suspected elements and chemicals banned in the United States such as Fly Ash.
A “rotten egg” smell and corrosive sulfur-like gases are emitted when the temperature and humidity are high in houses built with defective drywall, causing alarm and uncomfortable conditions. Defective drywall was used in over 100,000 houses built between 2000 and 2009. Reports of mysterious illnesses and deteriorating conditions of fixtures and wiring have appeared in homes where toxic drywall was used.
This defective drywall not only corrodes plumbing, electrical wiring and fixtures, it could also cause fires in some instances, and may be radioactive. I will share detection methods and other important information with you, if you only ask.
I am in contact with drywall suppliers, builders, testing organizations, politicians, and governmental agencies, to gain co-operation for presentations of this problematic occurrence.
With the number of foreclosures and abandoned homes historically high, the toxic drywall problem has been down-played by the industry and continues to be studied by the government. No one, at this point, has provided any definitive answers or directions for those who encounter toxic drywall. Scammers are rampant and lawyers line up by the hundreds to litigate class action lawsuits.
Find out who to contact if you suspect a house has Chinese drywall in it. Know the health risks and the legal liability you have as a Realtor® when showing houses with Chinese Toxic Drywall.Ask me here, ask me now! Leave comments.

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